Thank you Miami for making Unparalleled Abstraction A Success!

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Last night I attended #afroartbeats - an event thrown by my dear friends @afroartbeats. It was NOT like anything else. See...I'm not a big art appreciation girl. Let me be real, I go to basel for the vibes and mostly music scene, but I DO appreciate things that touch my soul.

Afro Art Beats featured Nigerian artists, afrobeat music and I felt like I was walking into my family's home. People hugged when they met you. Omg the art felt like it repped ME. With the GOLD tree of life and messages. I bumped into friends I hadn't seen in forever like @jenniferbenoit who tickled me as we took pics. And I didn’t plan on networking, but I ended up exchanging cards with so many people and it was all genuine.


Real people. A real good time. A real event with a family environment and my NOT so perfect pics.

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